The Sleepy Hollow School was started by Mrs Ghayaat Parker about 30 years ago. She was passionate about making this school a safe and happy place for children since she too was a mother and understood the concerns of parents.

With a little nurture and a lot of hard work, she successfully grew the school into an establishment consisting of multiple branches and over 1000 students.

Keeping each school small and manageable made all the difference, so the staff and management can remain passionate about being a part of the Sleepy Hollow family.

Sleepy Hollow School strives to develop good social skills, make learning fun, and establish a daily routine, which meets the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and educational needs of children.

We want to take every opportunity for our children to develop into whole individuals. This process is attained as the children interact with their environment through developmentally appropriate curriculum, which includes an Islamic approa30

How we accomplish our Mission is as important as the mission itself. Every action we take will be guided by these values:



We believe that each child is a unique person. We recognize that each child needs to be nurtured and accepted for the special skills and talents that they will offer to society.



We believe that a child can excel only when they feel safe and loved. We foster an environment that embraces love and respect that cherishes the children we are entrusted.



We believe that our lives are a journey of life-long learning. We enlighten and guide the minds of children by creating an environment of receptivity, learning and discovery. Only through knowledge will children be able to achieve their full potential.


Character Development

We believe that the moral foundation of our society is based on honest and principled behavior to each other. To establish principles of good conduct, a system of moral values must be taught at an early age to children so that they know the difference between right and wrong.